21 Questions With: Anya Lust Founder + Erotic Writer Krystle Kotara

Krystle Kotara, Founder/Buyer of AnyaLust.com

Meet the free-spirited Founder/Buyer behind AnyaLust.com, your new luxury lingerie dreamland.

What happens when a globe-trotting erotic writer with a fondness for the unconventional opens her own luxury lingerie e-shop? It takes the form of Anya Lust, a new online shopping destination curating the most intoxicating of lingerie & literature carefully selected by 28 year old Nigerian entrepreneur Krystle Kotara. Designed for the dreamer, lover and wanderer alike, the Philadelphia resident and unabashed free spirit finds inspiration in everything from gothic architecture to crumbling cities, erotic poetry to the pursuit of pleasure and above all, the beauty of life. 

We love the site’s expertly edited mix of indie labels effectively merging feminine seduction with subtle eroticism, including Almeida, Belle et Bon Bon, Fleur of England, On the Inside, Shell Belle Couture, Silk Laundry, Sonata Rapalyte and Tatu Couture; in addition to Anna Dominoes Millinery and a growing selection of literature including Love Poems by Pablo Neruda.

Below, we delve in with Krystle on what’s surprised her about erotic writing, the 5 lingerie silhouettes every woman should own, her top global destinations for inspiration and of course – her cocktail of choice.

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“We dream of weekend trips to Paris, intimate nights in private, dancing on the beach, never-ending sunkissed skin, indulging in fantasy, drifting through lust and love, and discovering what makes life so incredibly beautiful.” – Krystle Kotara

1. Did you have any idea growing up you’d end up in the lingerie industry?

I don’t think any young girl imagines herself in the lingerie industry! But, I’ve always been pretty in touch with sensuality and my long time love for lingerie led me here pretty naturally.

2. Prior to Anya Lust, you spent time studying communications in London. What do you miss most about living there and would you ever move back?

There’s so much that I miss about London. But if I had to choose just one thing, I’d say the city’s beautiful architecture. I don’t know how anyone could not be inspired just by looking around and taking in the beauty of London. I’m not sure if I would move back, though. Maybe if the sun magically decided to come out more.

3. How did the idea for Anya Lust come about and what was the defining moment when you thought, “I’m doing this?”

I first thought of the concept of Anya Lust five years ago! I remember the exact moment – I was shopping for panties on the M&S website at my flat in London and I realized how bored I was searching. But it wasn’t until last year when my career coach said, “If you don’t at least try this, you’ll eventually regret it.” That was the moment when I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer.

4. In addition to curating Anya Lust, you also dabble in erotic writing. How did you get into the field and what have you found to be the most surprising thing about it?

When I was in high school, I wrote a poem for my junior English class that was essentially banned from the literature publication my teacher was putting together. He wrote me a note saying that it was very beautifully written but it was too risqué to publish. It was about my intimate experiences with my first boyfriend. Since then I mostly write poems for myself and very rarely share them…I don’t like being critiqued 😉 What I’ve found surprising along the way is exactly that – not striving towards publication.

5. We love the selection of independent labels you’ve launched Anya Lust with. Can you tell us more about your process of finding/selecting designers to initially carry?

Aren’t they incredible? I spent a lot of time just browsing online and met a couple of designers in person. I selected the ones who I thought used the most beautiful fabrics and designed the most unique, yet wearable pieces.

6. For designers interested in being carried on your site, how can they get on your radar? What standout attributes are you looking for moving forward?

At the moment I’m looking for both classic styles and completely unique designs. I know those make up very different attributes, but classic is timeless and unique is exciting.

7. You’ve launched the literature section of Anya Lust with Love Poems by Pablo Neruda. What erotic authors/poets are on your radar to bring on to the site next?

Gosh, there are so many! I’ll just keep them a secret for now, though.

8. What’s coming up for Anya Lust?

We’re going to be getting lost in the spirit of summer soon during our next photo and film shoot.

“Anya” short for the Nigerian sun goddess Anyanwu. “Lust” a strong, passionate desire for something or someone.

9. What 5 lingerie silhouettes must be in every woman’s wardrobe?

a. Strappy bodysuit

b. Short slip

c. High-waist panty that’s beautiful enough to be worn alone.

d. Ouvert [open back] panty

e. Figure-flattering robe

10. If you could wear only 5 lingerie brands for the rest of your life, they would be:

a. Belle Et BonBon

b. Tatu Couture

c. Murmur

d. Sonata Rapalyte

e. Ludique

11. Top 5 favorite pieces on Anya Lust:

a. Dream Girl Bodysuit

b. Isla Sage Bodysuit

c. Sex Kitten Bra and Panty

d. La Femme Dress

e. Keira Kimono

12. Top 3 tips for lingerie shopping online:

a. If you’re new to shopping for lingerie, try to get an understanding of how certain styles look on you by trying things on at a local boutique. This might sound contradictory, but it helps to avoid the frustration of trial and error. You really only have to do it once and then you can shop confidently from the comfort and privacy of your bedroom.

b. Look for notes on fit for each product. Some things run true to size while others may have a more generous fit.

c. If you’re not sure about something, don’t be afraid to ask for personal shopping.

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13. Your top 5 global destinations to get inspired:

a. Paris

b. London

c. Tokyo

d. Lagos

e. Seville

14. If I weren’t a lingerie boutique owner/erotic writer, I would be:

Hmm…I would probably own a bed and breakfast and soak in the travel stories of my guests.

15. If I could invite any 3 people in the world (past or present) to a dinner party, the guest list would read:

My great grandmother who I never had the opportunity to meet, [Zara Co-Founder] Amancio Ortega, and Bob Marley.

16. My favorite lingerie moment in film is:

My favorite moment in any film involving lingerie, is when the woman reveals that she’s wearing an ensemble underneath her trench coat. It’s a classic lingerie moment in so many films.

17. My favorite erotic moment in film is:

All of the erotic scenes in A Perfect Ending.

18. If I could live in any past decade, it would be:

I would extend the 90s as long as possible, but the fashion of the decade would be 1970s flower child.

19. On a typical night, I can be found sleeping in:

Either naked or in Silk Laundry.

20. If we were to find you at a bar, you would be drinking:

A Manhattan. Every time.

21. Early Riser or Night Owl?

Definitely an early riser but I’ve been staying up late recently, thinking about Anya Lust.

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Original editorial images by Anya Lust. Click any image to launch slideshow view.